Coyote Ridge Prison (Department of Corrections)
Coyote Ridge Prison (Department of Corrections)

Gov. Inslee plans a Tuesday, July 11th visit to the Coyote Ridge Minimum Security prison in Connell, part of a swing through Eastern WA.

WA State moving towards less incarceration

According to information from the Department of Corrections, the closing of the Larch Correctional Center in Vancouver is actually tied somewhat to a movement to reduce WA state's prison population.

Due to a lack of inmates, the minimum security facility near Vancouver is closing, and the workers there will be offered positions with other facilities in the DOC system.

  The 234-bed prison was well below capacity usage, and DOC officials say it is being closed.

 DOC officials also announced at the end of June they will be unveiling later this year, a new comprehensive plan to reduce recidivism among those released from WA prisons.

According to the DOC:

"Separately from the closure, agency leadership, working closely with corrections industry experts, is currently developing a comprehensive plan to reduce the use of solitary confinement, while not compromising staff safety, that will be unveiled later this year."

Last fall, Governor Inslee visited Norway, and according to a September 22nd. 2022 new release, the state is planning to implement imported ideas for better preparing inmates to return to society.   Inslee claims Norway's recidivism (repeat crime) rate is less than 20 percent, while the US rate is around 66 percent.

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According to DOC, that comprehensive new plan for WA prisons will be unveiled soon. Inslee reportedly plans to talk with Coyote Ridge officials about these plans when he visits.

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