Gov. Inslee made some interesting comments during his Wednesday morning press conference, video, at the Department of Health headquarters in Olympia.

He said straight out that counties moving to Phase 2 re opening would depend in large part, or could be stalled, if they do not show they're embracing, pushing for and working full speed to get his Contact Tracing program up to speed. He, as he has often does, anonymously threw some counties and officials under the bus by mocking and criticizing their lack of enthusiasm and speed with which they're taking on this CT plan. He said there are some "not naming any names" who are not jumping on board the way he wants them to.

Inslee also did not address the compliance of the Contact Tracing program. Nor did any reporters press him on it. At issue (again) are steps 4 and 5 of his five step plan.

If a Contact Tracer reaches out to someone and says "you've been potentially exposed to COVID" that person will NOT be told who's 'fingered' them. And, what if that person refuses testing and quarantine, like it shows on his charts?

That legal rights issue is being ignored. Inslee has not even hinted around that part, critics say it's likely because he knows of the Constitutional 'can of worms' it could open when it comes to personal rights.

He also expressed a desire for what he called "surveillance" testing or testing widespread areas to determine if the COVID is there.  Again, no mention of any compliance issues.

To watch the video for yourself, click on the button below.

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