Not only has Gov. Inslee's comments near the end of his Wednesday press conference resulted in national news coverage, and from many, blistering criticism; but Chief of Staff and top advisor David Postman is taking fire now too.

After Inslee stunned many watching the conference when he said it was "news to me" about the anarchist takeover of the six block Capitol Hill area in Seattle, Postman deflected a question about deploying the National Guard in emergencies such as this.

The followup question to Inslee's "news to me" statement was from a reporter who asked "if a takeover of a street" occurred, would the National Guard be deployed? And now would that be done?

Postman jumped in, and appeared to be trying to deflect attention from Inslee, especially with his response.

Postman's comments appeared to be turning the responsibility directly back on the City of Seattle. He said "It is not our decision whether to send people to a street or anything like that."

He said it's up to local jurisdictions and authorities to request the National Guard, and that request is then forwarded to "their" office (the state) for approval.

However, many critics in Seattle media say the Governor should have recognized the severity of the issues facing the Seattle Police Department being pushed back. Per orders from City Hall and Mayor Jenny Durkan, the police were prohibited not to use rubber bullets or tear gas to push back the large crowd of rioters, who eventually forced them out. The police pulled out everything of value they could from the East Seattle precinct building, boarded it up, and left.

Now, according to comments by Mayor Durkan, city officials are in some sort of 'negotiations' with the people occupying the autonomous zone.

To watch Postman's comments see his remarks in the video at about the 38:48 mark. To see the video, click on the button below.

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