If you live near 4th and Kellogg, you're no stranger to the occasional intoxicated or wild driver, who decides to go THROUGH the roundabout, rather than around it.

No different than the ones at 4th and Union, or others. Around 2:55am Friday morning officers were dispatched to 4th and Kellogg where they found Alexander Tanner (age not listed) and his car.

Apparently he'd had a little difficulty negotiating the traffic circle because he was drunk, according to officers. Police say it's likely his impairment caused him to not "notice" the roundabout, and he just went through it because he couldn't react in time.

Tanner and his FOUR outstanding warrants were booked into the Benton County jail. Likely he will face repair fines for wiping out the roundabout.

So, by our tally over the last two years or so, it's at least Roundabouts 8, drivers, -0-.

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