According to Liquor Control Board officials, what they had on record didn't match what they found in the store.

After a failed inspection at the Green To Go pot store December 12th, owner Steve Lee and his wife Jessy were given the option of a $2,500 fine or a five day suspension. However, because the two did not respond within the 20-day appeal-response period, the suspension automatically became the penalty.

The Liquor Control Board has a traceability program that keeps tabs on all legal pot, from the time it's grown until the time it is sold. This is done to prevent any of the drugs from possibly being diverted for private use or illegal black market sale.

The reason for the failed inspection, says the Liquor Control Board, is because what officials found in the store December 12th, did not match what they had on record. Officials did not specify the exact issue or say if there was 'missing' inventory or too much.

The suspension began January 24th, the store, which has been open since 2012, will resume business on Tuesday the 29th. Owner Lee is the Mayor Pro Tem for the City of Kennewick.

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