The search for Jimmy Hoffa, the Teamster union boss who was purportedly murdered by the Mafia in 1975, still flares up from time to time — even though Hoffa was declared legally dead, absent his body, in 1982. It seems that good ol’ Jimmy just doesn’t want to go away: he still might turn up in (or rather, beneath) a Michigan driveway.

There are tons of legends surrounding the disappearance of Hoffa. Some folks even believe the controversial figure might be still alive, that his enemies didn’t dispatch him after all. That being said, whenever the powers that be receive a credible tip about where his remains are, they usually investigate.

Authorities are digging up a driveway in the outskirts of Detroit right now. The police chief in charge of the investigation has already stated that he doesn’t really believe Hoffa is under the cement. Is that just be a ploy to throw the media off the scent? If so, it doesn’t seem to be working.

Even if the ground beneath the driveway isn't Hoffa’s final resting place, that doesn’t mean there isn’t another body using the site as an unmarked grave, or that people aren't interested in this new facet of a very "cold" case. A core earth sample drilled out from the location is going to be analyzed by a Michigan State University forensic scientist to see if a cadaver is indeed hidden at the location.

According to the police, they received a solid tip from someone claiming to have seen a body buried in this spot in 1975. The driveway is about twenty miles away from the restaurant where Hoffa was last spotted; ostensibly, the body in question was buried a day or two after Jimmy vanished.

Even if a corpse doesn’t turn up, this episode certainly adds yet another chapter in the story of the strange disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa.

Bill Pugliano, Getty Images
Bill Pugliano, Getty Images

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