A recent flurry of dumpster and garbage can fires has grabbed the attention of Pasco authorities.

You may remember about a year ago, we reported about a series of fires that were being set in alleys, dumpsters and other such areas in Pasco.

One year and one week ago, Pasco officials were seeking the person or persons, who were believed to be responsible for at least 20 suspicious fires that had been set in the area over recent weeks.

Now, more of these types of fires are being seen, most recently in a dumpster behind Mexico Lindo restaurant on Court Street. According to our News Partner KNDU-TV this recent blaze charred the entire backside of the large industrial dumpster, but didn't damage the building.

However Pasco police are asking anyone with any information to report it to police, especially activity seen in the late night, or early morning hours.


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