A group of Washington state legislators are seeking to pass legislation that would add a $.2 cent tax for every plastic grocery shopping bag used by stores. When the legislature meets for the 2019 session, the effort will begin.

A a similar plan was tried in the last legislative session, but it failed to make it out of committee.

19 Washington cities already have bans on the use of such bags, including the oldest such ban in Seattle dating back to 2012.  Ellensburg enacted a fee in 2017.  Supporters say the aim would be to reduce pollution, opponents question where the money would go.  NO word has been given by the the supporters as to where specifically the money would go, or what it would be used for.

Opponents also point to possible health issues with reusable bags, especially those derived mostly from canvas. A number of studies have shown unless they are routinely washed or cleaned, they are a haven for bacteria and some have been known to cause illness.

The big sticking point with opponents though, is the lack of information about what the money would be used for.


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