We were in Walmart the other day, and of course they've had Christmas items up since Labor Day. But one of the gift ideas we saw was either really funny, or disgusting.

It just depends upon what you think is hilarious. Our daughter Harley loves Slime and Gack and all that gooey stuff kids play with, but even this shocked her.  Probably because of the brown color.  The idea is, you use the jar to stick gift cards in. Then the recipient has to get this gook all over their fingers removing the card from the slime. It feels awful, but it actually won't stick to the cards...it's easily removable, virtually slides off by wiping.

It's called Reindeer Poo Slime, comes in two variations.  It's found in the back Christmas section, just past the dog food. If you're not into Reindeer Slime, maybe Elf Snot is more your liking! It's green! If you buy some, let us know, and what the reaction was of the victim--er, the recipient.  Merry Slimy Christmas!

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