Prior to FastSigns,  the Newstalk870 station rig was not really ready for prime time.

Now, it is!  Newstalk870 thanks FastSigns Kennewick for the incredible job they did on re-imaging our station vehicle.

When we took it in, the vinyl was at least 8 years old,  cracked, peeling, and the sun had done a number on it.   In fact, so many hot Tri-City summers had beat down on it some of the lettering looked like it had been hit with a blowtorch!

But now, thanks for FastSigns,  the design is bigger, cleaner, and they even sharpened the red so it stands out more.   They got rid of some of the excessive striping, and made it look cleaner and leaner.    If you need vehicle graphics, wraps, logos, banners or any other kind of sign or item to get people's attention, you need FastSigns!   See them in Kennewick at 1409 Pittsburgh just off Gage Blvd., call them at 509-392-4327 or their website.

They also do really cool monument signs,  wall graphics and more!  If they can make our rig look great, image what they can do for you!

Compare the burned graphics on the right, with the nice clean look now on the left!

(Townsquare media image)
(Townsquare media image)