We all remember the hilarious confrontation between Carl the Groundskeeper (Bill Murray) and that "go-fair" in Caddyshack. But to the Kennewick Irrigation District, and others, it's not that funny.

The KID is taking extra steps this spring to go after and disrupt the burrowing places of gophers,  marmots and other furry critters that have been known to create leaks that turn into canal breaches in the area.

While they may be fun to look at, these critters burrow into the side of irrigation canals seeking moisture and cooler temps in the spring and summer. But they also often weaken canal walls, causing small leaks. These turn into bigger leaks and before you know it, a canal has breached, sending water everywhere.

According to KNDU-TV, workers and ditchriders (who patrol the canals) are on the lookout for telltale holes that indicate digging. KID officials also stress to residents and customers if they see evidence of digging or burrowing, to let them know the location so they can take appropriate action.

But don't do like Carl the Groundskeeper in Caddyshack, and resort to dangerous methods. Just notify the irrigation district, they will handle it.

Carl the Groundskeeper in Caddyshack vs. Gopher (Amazon)
Carl the Groundskeeper in Caddyshack vs. Gopher (Amazon)

Officials say burrowing by rodents is the leading cause of canal failures in the Western U.S.

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