In the Columbia Basin, we're pretty fortunate. While the streets of Portland are burning and full of 'protesters' as are other areas, we don't have violence and knuckleheads. Even during the height of the Zambrano issue in Pasco, disruptive shocking behavior seen elsewhere was not really found here.  A few peaceful marches, dialogue, etc.

But in the wake of the Trump electoral victory, a little sliver of what's happened in other cities has popped up here. While it's nowhere near the level of Portland, to see it here is disappointing, regardless of your political affiliation.

This picture was snapped near Glade Road, North of Sagemoor in Pasco, according to sources. It was originally posted on Congressional Candidate Clint Didier's Facebook page, and occurred November 13th. It's one of a number of Trump, or Trump and Didier, and even Dan Newhouse and Trump Congressional combination signs that have been damaged, or even destroyed since last Tuesday. Newstalk 870 has seen a number of other similar signs that after 11-8, were 'significantly compromised.'

Some of the weather we've had was taken into account, but it's not likely that wind can snap and mutilate wood sign braces, or tear a sign in two down the middle.

For the most part, Mother Nature does the most damage to the scores of signs seen around our region, especially if they're not taken down after elections before the really bad weather hits.

But in this case, it was sad to see a wave of vandalism because of what it represents. Most agree Didier and Dan Newhouse were not the 'targets' but the Trump signs were the target.  While the counting continues, and won't be completely finished for a few more days, Newhouse was leading Didier in his bid to head back to D.C. from the 4th Congressional District. Both Newhouse and Dider were GOP candidates.