On Tuesday, witnesses took to the stand during one of the most talked about criminal cases in the Tri-Cities this past year. Jack Didley's night club general manager and head of security, Mathew Hibbard, is being charged with third-degree assault with aggravating circumstances after, as one witness said, he "forcefully dropped" Ben Ensign onto his head outside of the night club.

Yesterday witnesses to the incident, Ensign's doctor and two character witnesses in Hibbard's defense all testified.

On the night of July 4 2012, Ben Ensign had been removed from Jack Didley's on at least one occasion. In the security footage below you will see Ensign attempt to re-enter the night club when he is restrained by Hibbard in a sort-of chokehold. A second security guard from the nightclub picks up Ensign's feet while he is still being held by Hibbard. According to the defense, Hibbard wasn't aware that Ensign's feet had been grabbed and when Ensign began to "lift his arms as if he were dancing to the music" Hibbard dropped/threw Ensign onto the ground.

Watch Security Footage from Jack Didley's of the Ben Ensign and Mathew Hibbard Incident

After the incident last year, Ensign spent weeks on life support at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland. He is currently in a Spokane rehabilitation facility

Hibbard's trial began on Monday, with the testimonies continuing through today. Prosecutor Andy Miller wrapped up the state's case this afternoon and the case could go to the jury today.

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