Somebody made a portrait of Jackie Chan out of 64,000 chopsticks -- because really, why not? -- and yeah, it's kind of awesome.

While we probably would have chosen another multitasking martial-arts action star to construct out of traditional Asian eating utensils than the star of 'Rush Hour' and 'Shanghai Knights,' we love what artist Red Hong Yi did here.

The above two-minute video chronicles her process as "an artist who paints without a paintbrush," and as she celebrates the 60th birthday of the man who started his career as a stuntman in Bruce Lee movies and ended up trading bad jokes with Owen Wilson.

Chan himself appears in the video, at the start and the end. That's kinda cool. But it's the action sandwiched between those bookends that truly amazes. Over the course of a month, Red (as she's known) settled into a Beijing studio and constructed the piece out of recycled bamboo chopsticks.

And it's a pretty intricate work, with all the threading, tying and hanging the project requires. But she seems used to working like this. In the past, Red has built pieces out of flowers, discarded printer cartridges and various types of food. As long as a portrait of Owen Wilson made out of strands of his hair isn't in the works, we're pretty much on board with anything she does.

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