A Washington woman tried to use her belly fat folds to hide a gun while being booked into the Snohomish County Jail, according to a report on YakTriNews.com. Look, I've got extra belly fat I need to get rid of also, but I've never thought of using it this way!

My question is, what was she planning on doing with the gun once she got it inside the jail? Was this going to be a brazen breakout at gunpoint? Bullets flying while trying escape? Going out in a blaze of glory? Or was she just trying to hide the gun from police while being arrested for her DUI?

We may never know, but thank goodness for today's technology, because the body scanner at the jail busted her. Just like it did Arnold Schwarzenegger in the clip below!

May I suggest to this fine young lady that when she gets out of jail, to eat fewer carbs and go for walks once in a while. Hell, she should have been walking instead of driving drunk! But this is one of my favorite low-carb meals when I'm being a good dieter. A simple BLT lettuce wrap with turkey bacon. Okay, I got tired of turkey bacon a couple of years ago, I make them with real bacon now!

attachment-BLT Wrap

Oh hell, who has time to diet with so many delicious Halloween treats around? Maybe you'll find a new favorite here!


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