It's gotten past the novelty stage now, and could be a growing - and expensive problem.

Last March, the massive Japanese tsunami that tore apart the coast, and cause the Fukushima Nuclear disaster, also pulled hundreds of tons of debris, docks, even a 200 foot fishing boat out to sea.  Because of the Pacific currents,  it is now starting to wash up on the Oregon and Washington coast.   Oregon state officials were stuck with an $84,000 plus bill for carving up that huge dock new Newport OR.  It had to be properly disposed of because of the presence of dangerous spiecies on board; namely the Japoanese starfish that could wipe out many native creatures.

   Now house debris has washed up near Neah Bay.  Kayakers found numerous pieces of what appears to be a home.  Northwest Cable News Network posted a slide show of some of the debris.   Besides being a novelty,  the growing amount of debris could end up costing us, the taxpayers, money because somebody has to clean it up - usually the state.

   And, in the case of the 19 by 66 food dock,  the debris is bringing with it plants and creatues native only to Japan, that could wreak havoc on our ecosystems, plants, even fish.    Experts predict the flow of debris will continue to visit our shores at least until 2013.

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