Grant County Sheriff's officials are warning citizens about a new scam that's making the rounds. Not just there, but also reports from Adams and others.

People are receiving calls from a person (or persons) claiming they (the victim) missed jury duty, and now owe a fine to the county. In an attempt to add credibility to the scam, the scammers are telling people to call the Grant County Sheriff's office at (509)-758-7468. If they do, they hear a recorded message which says they've reached the Grant County Sheriff.

However, Sheriff Tom Jones says the real number is (509)-754-2011 extension 2001. Authorities believe the scammers lifted a recording over the phone from the Sheriff's office (it has been changed some time ago) or they manufactured their own.

Jones says if you get one of these calls, notify authorities immediately, and do not follow any of the scammers directions and do not give them any personal data.

Regardless of where you live in Eastern WA, or the state for that matter, no one will ever call you about missing jury duty. County officials say they logistically don't have time to even consider doing that.

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