It's as if scammers can't come up with enough stupid ideas!

Mike Blatman of the Kennewick Police Department released information Monday afternoon, warning the public about a new scam making the rounds, a jury duty scam.

According to Blatman, over the weekend, several Kennewick residents received phone calls from a man indentifying himself as Lt. Greg Carr of the Franklin County Federal Warrants Division.

This "Carr" fellow told the callers they failed to show up for jury duty, and were subject to a $1,000 fine, or they would have to do time in jail.  The caller told the people the payment had to be in the form of a money order.

However,  the people who got the calls hung up on "Lt. Carr" and didn't give any personal information of comply with his rediculous demands.  The intended victims, however, DID give the number and information to police.

When they called the number, the guy actually identified himself as "Lt. Carr" but quickly hung up the phone when he realized he was talking to a cop!

IF anyone calls and claims you skipped jury duty and are in trouble,  it's not true.   You're never going to face fines or jail time.   You DON'T want to skip that responsibility, but officials will NEVER resort to such drastic tactics.

Let's hope they catch Lt. Carr and put him in the jail with all the tough guys.

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