Richland police say their phone number (main and or dispatch) has been spoofed, or copied by fraudsters.

A number of citizens have called to report receiving a call that shows up on their caller ID as the Richland Police Department, and the correct number. Spoofing technology allows a caller to substitute any name or number on the caller ID that they wish.

However, it goes pretty stupid from there.  The callers inform the 'victim' they're wanted on an outstanding warrant, but they have to arrange to pay to stay out of jail with retail gift cards. Police say among the stores mentioned are Best Buy, Game Stop, and others.

No court on the planet will accept such payment, and the only way to find out IF you do have any activity warrant-wise is to call the police or sheriff yourself.  NO law enforcement agency will EVER attempt to have you pay off a warrant or fine over the phone.

Apparently all their spoofing is for naught, nobody bit on the scheme so far.

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