No, you won't be allowed to 'do it yourself.' But if Gov. Inslee signs the bill, it will become legal in May 2020, and Washington state would be the first ever to allow what's being called 'human composting.' State bill 5001 has already been approved by the State Senate and House.

Recompose is a company in Seattle poised to become the first ever of it's kind in the U.S. that would compost, or purposefully turn a body into, basically, fertilizer.

After what they say is years of exhaustive study, supporters of the idea, and the company say it's a logical alternative and answer to most costly burials or even cremations. It provides a way for a person to 'give back' to the world because they would end up as some sort of fertilizer.

Recompose is hoping to become the first "natural organic reduction" funeral home in the country. It's also referred to a "liquid cremation."

No word on potential cost to the consumer, and no word was given on how a family would end up with a relative in a 'jar.'  However, the are some medical professionals who are on board with Recompose and favor the idea.

And they say it's nothing like the premise of the 1960's horror-sci-fi movie Soylent Green, which centered around people being used to make artificial plankton to keep the planet 'alive.'

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