A nurse that was choked at work by a patient, is using the incident to try and get better protection for all the nurses that work at Kadlec Regional Hospital in Richland.

The incident happened on September 16th to a Kadlec intensive care nurse named Ashley Schade while she was working.

"Let me tell you, having a strong individuals hands around your neck, the inability to breathe, let alone call for help, to the point where you can’t see a thing and can only hear an emergency “staff assist” tone going off, is one of the absolutely gut-wrenching, most terrifying feelings anyone could ever imagine. It didn’t help that it was preceded with the words “I’m gonna kill you.”, Schade describes in a Facebook post about the event that has now gone viral.

Schade is now trying to get Kadlec to provide better safety for nurses with more security and training for staff to handle violent situations.

Violence against nurses is not just a local problem, but a problem all over the country.

This was the second violent attack just this September in the Kadlec emergency department. The other happened September 9th when a patient "scratched, kicked, punched, hit and slammed" according to the nurses association.

The nurses association wants Kadlec to "ensure adequate staffing of nurses, other health care workers and security personnel, along with needed training on how to handle violent medical patients", according to reports.

Schade was attacked by Bruce S. Darling while she was changing his IV on September 16th at Kadlec.

Darling grabbed her, said "I’m going to kill you", then grabbed her by the throat and choked her. The attack lasted for 20 or 30 seconds until other nurses came to her rescue.

"I had collapsed and was taken to the emergency department, so I wasn’t present for the arrival Law Enforcement" describes Schade in her post.

Darling was charged with second-degree assault in Benton County Superior Court. Doctors have reportedly told the family that Darling was suffering from delirium and was not himself.

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