Two people are in custody for not only stolen credit cards, but auto theft as well.

Kennewick police were alerted Sunday to a man and woman shopping in the Kennewick Target store who might be using stolen credit cards.

38-year-old Roger D. Thompson of Shoreline and 33-year-old Kerry Jo Turner of Winchester, Tennessee, allegedly attempted to purchase a cart full of items but their credit card did not work. They told the clerk they couldn't remember the PIN number. However, instead of leaving the store, they continued to shop.

Kennewick police watched them via the store's security camera system while officers ran the card to see if it was stolen. Thompson was seen trying to dump the cards. The two were detained when it was discovered the cards had indeed been stolen from a victim in Union Gap.

Then police learned the two had arrived in Tri-Cities in a 1999 BMW that had been stolen out of Seattle!

The two had switched license plates with another vehicle.

Thompson and Turner had outstanding warrants and have been booked on possession of stolen property and a stolen vehicle.