According to Kennewick police,  the number of burglaries that have occurred since January 15 has risen considerably.

Sgt. Ken Lattin said Thursday 67 break-ins have been reported and investigated since January 15th through February 27th. That's an increase of 46 percent compared with the same time frame from 2014.

According to Lattin, citizens can see what has happened in their respective neighborhood - not just in Kennewick, but anywhere in the Mid-Columbia - using what is called "RAIDS."

RAIDS stands for Regional Analysis and Information Sharing, and it's utilized by police as well.  It uses a Google Maps type of display, with icons to show where reported crimes have occurred.  Green 'money bags' indicate burglaries, for example, while 'red fists' show assaults or crimes against persons.

To see the RAIDS map for Kennewick click here. Lattin says they are urging the public to call authorities if they see or hear anything that appears to be unusual or out of the order.  Sometimes people are leery of reporting suspicious people or activity for fear of overreacting, but officials say often times the citizens hunches are correct.

Lattin also says there are two potential suspect vehicles that could be linked to many of the break-ins.  One is an older model 4-door sedan with light colored paint that is peeling; the other is a 1980's style, older orange and silver "old U-Haul" type of truck. 

Nothing was said to suggest this part of a crime ring, but the multiple reports of these vehicles could indicate at least some of these crimes are the result of one or more persons working together.

Anyone who sees or hears suspicious people or activity is urged to call Tri-Cities Crime stoppers at (509)-586-TIPS or the police dispatcher at (509)-628-0333.  This second number is very useful for reporting such activity.

If you see or notice what you think is a potentially threatening or emergency situation, of course, call 911.


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