Shortly after 2am Wednesday, Kennewick police were able to apprehend a 19-year-old man after he allegedly burglarized a home in the 900 block of West 14th place.

Earlier in the evening, neighbors got a bit of a startle when police units showed up and began canvassing the area. The incident began when a woman sleeping in her home woke up to find the suspect, Christopher Cervantes of Kennewick, grabbing an item then leaving her home through the back sliding door.

Fortunately, Cervantes did not see the woman, but she was able to give a detailed description to police. They quickly set up a containment area around the neighborhood. and brought in Axel the K-9 dog.  Cervantes was quickly located, confronted and taken down and arrested. He had items in his backpack that were found to have been taken from the home.

He's now facing residential burglary charges.