A one year nine month sentence was handed down for a 47-year-old Kennewick driver, who plead guilty for his role in a crash that killed a pedestrian on 27th. Ave in Kennewick last April.

In a widely-publicized case, Michael S. Johnson hit 52-year-old Nina Howard as she was crossing the street just west of the intersection with North Ely street last April.

Howard was reportedly racing his son in another car Eastbound when he slammed into Howard while traveling an estimated 72 mph.

Johnson said he didn't know how fast he was going because the speedometer didn't work in his car, but after police investigators were able to determine the speed from evidence at the scene, Johnson admitted his guilt instead of taking the case to trial.

Howard was not in the crosswalk at the time of the crash.   Johnson could have received as many as 27 months, his family said they accepted the sentence as given.