Maybe a bonus point for creativity, but subtract 20 for stupidity.

February 29th, Kennewick police took a report of a 1996 Honda that was stolen sometime between 2 and 6pm from the Kennewick Home Depot parking lot. The store worker reported the vehicle had been locked, and he had the keys.

Then March 1, the KPD Criminal Apprehension Team found the car parked in a lot near West Albany Ave. and Dayton Street. They began surveillance and saw Zakary Powell enter the car. He was promptly arrested.

Area witnesses told police when the car arrived, he was the only occupant. Police said he had spray painted the wheels in an obvious attempt to disguise the car a bit, a can of black spray paint was found inside the car, and Powell had paint on his hands.

He's facing charges of possession of a stolen vehicle. Next time, maybe use a little Goof Off to remove the evidence.

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