If you enjoy watching kids pour their hearts into a sporting event, and exciting action under the lights,  tonight marks the annual Kennewick Grid Kids Super Bowl games at Lampson stadium.

For years, the 8 organizations in the Kennewick Grid Kid Youth football league have crowned their age-group champions by letting the kids play under the bright lights.

There are 8 teams in the league,  Eagles, Tigers, Bears, Panthers, Rams, Coyotes, Huskies and Colts.  Each organization has five teams, based upon age.  E squad starts at six, 7 and small 8-year olds. then D for 9-10,  then C, B and up to A, which is 12-13 year olds.  Regular season games are played at the Kennewick Grid Kids complex next to Eastgate School on 10th beside the Fairgrounds in Kennewick, and draw hundreds of fans every Saturday in the fall.   Most of the kids you see on Friday nights got their start here.

Colts B squad in action vs. Coyotes
Colts B squad in action vs. Coyotes (Kennewick Colts Facebook page)

Each team plays seven games,  and the top four out of 8 make the playoffs.  Win your playoff game, and you get your night under the lights at Lampson.   Each division Super Bowl champ get a team trophy, and each player gets a plaque.

My son Dhylan made it to two Super Bowls in his five-year career with the Colts,  he's now playing a key role on the offensive line for Kamiakin's freshman team.   It's a GREAT way for youth to learn and love football, and yes, there's been a lot of girls who've played, including several this year.   It's every players dream on every team to get to play under the lights.  To see the faces of these kids as they step on the Big Boy field is really cool!

Dhylan touchdown vs Huskies Kennewick Colts 2013
Dhylan touchdown vs Huskies Kennewick Colts 2013 (Kennewick Colts Facebook page)

E squad championship starts today at 3pm, with the Panthers taking on the Eagles.  The rest of the schedule follows:

D squad- Colts vs. Huskies 4:30pm.   The Colts D squad is 8-0 and has not given up a point yet this season.

C squad - Panthers vs. Huskies  6pm

B squad - Colts vs. Tigers 7:30 pm

A squad - Colts vs. Coyotes. 9pm.

We say it's the best way to spend a buck, because it's only $1 to get in, and you can stay as long as you like.  By the time the A squads take the field late tonight,  there will have been probably several thousand fans who've come down.  It's not unusual to see the entire home grandstand completely full.  And yes, the concession stands will be open, so plenty of great food!

It takes a lot of hard work by hundreds of people, coaches, parents and players in each of the organizations to make this work every year,  and they deserve your support!

So come down tonight and perhaps watch many of the future stars of tomorrow at Kamiakin, Kennewick and Southridge fight for a Super Bowl title tonight at Lampson.

Colts E squad - the little people!- during Pink Week
Colts E squad - the little people!- during Pink Week (Kennewick Colts Facebook page)

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