It's the culmination of three months of hard work, games and effort. This is why the lights will be burning bright Wednesday night at Lampson. I think our little Harley has her game face on as will the rest of all the players, and is ready.

Starting at 3pm Wednesday at Lampson Stadium in Kennewick, the Kennewick Grid Kids will be crowning their champions for the five levels of football,  from 'E' through A.

Cost is just $1 for spectators, all are welcome to come down and watch, as it's a great event!  By the time the stands clear after the 'A' level game (12-13 year old's) there will have been several thousand who've come to watch.

The Kennewick Grid Kids have 8 organizations, each with 5 levels of teams. 'E' squad features 6-8 year old's, on up through D, C, B and A.  They play 7 regular season games, and the top four  out of 8 teams get a playoff game, which was last Saturday. The two winners then square off on the turf at Lampson under the lights.

Our daughter Harley will be making her 2nd trip to the Big Game as a member of the Colts 'E' squad. Last season, they lost 18-6, but earned a return trip with an 8-0 record. Mom and Dad will be on pins and needles watching this one. Her older brother also made it to the big game twice while he was a Colt, now he's playing at Kamiakin.

Many of the players you see Friday nights at Kamiakin, Kennewick and Southridge first played at Lampson as part of these championship games. Harley plays TE, sees some time at center. She's also played QB, and RB, scored a TD and conversion.

So come down and watch Colts, Eagles, Huskies, Coyotes, Panthers and Bears tangle on the turf Wednesday, starting at 3pm. Here's a list of the competing teams:

  • E Squad 3pm  Colts (8-0) vs. Panthers (7-1)
  • (approximately 15-20 minutes after conclusion of E Squad) D Squad Bears (7-1) vs. Huskies (7-1) ...starting with D squad, each game will follow as soon as previous game concluded.
  • C Squad Panthers (7-1) vs. Coyotes (7-1)
  • B Squad Huskies (7-1) vs. Eagles (8-0)
  • A Squad Colts (7-0) vs. Coyotes (4-3)


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