Police are glad, and a lot of women probably relieved, now that a man accused of stalking female joggers for months is behind bars.

Kennewick  police reported Tuesday they have arrested a Pasco man, who's believed to have been following and harassing female joggers for at least two months.

20-year-old Loius Garcia-Ponce was arrested as a result of a variety of emphasis patrols designed to catch whoever was doing it, according to YakTrinews.com

For the last two months, police got numerous reports from women about a man in red Dodge Durango who would pull up next to them while they were jogging in the early morning hours. The women said he would make inappropriate remarks to them. Fortunately, none of the women were physically harmed. Police did not say where in Kennewick this was occurring, but was apparently multiple locations. According to witnesses, he not only talked to them, but some reported being followed by the Durango at a distance. He drove a vehicle similar to this one

suspect vehicle similar to this one (Edmunds car value source)
suspect vehicle similar to this one (Edmunds car value source)

From the reports police were able to get his license plate, and an idea of the areas he was known to frequent.  Police apparently were able to observe him attempting to stalk a woman on at least one occasion, and Tuesday he was arrested. He is facing multiple charges for multiple offenses.

Police also believe there are numerous other women he's tried to follow and harass.  Anyone else who believes they've had an encounter with this man is urged to call Kennewick police at (509)-628-0333.  Any victims will be treated confidentially if they wish, say police.

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