A not-so-clever shoplifter was arrested at the Kennewick Walmart Sunday after trying to push out a cart full of stolen items, including half-eaten donuts.

27-year-old Kyle R. Vanhalteren was booked in the Benton County Jail, but it also facing Franklin County charges for alleged shoplifting.

Kennewick police said Monday Vanhalteren was pushing a cart full of stolen items toward the front of the store, but didn't realize a Loss Prevention officer was watching him.  Vanhalteren, said police, left the cart near the front of the store and went outside looking to see if there was any police presence. The LP officer called 911.

He tried to come back inside quickly after seeing Kennewick police arrive. He was detained and arrested. Turns out not only did he have the cart full of items, he also reportedly ate a number of donuts he hadn't paid for.

Police said he pulled the same stunt at the Pasco Walmart, getting away with some $900 worth of goods! He is possibly linked to other shoplifting incidents as well. He's facing several misdemeanor shoplifting charges and burglary for the Pasco incident.

Maybe layoff the donuts? A little too much sugar high?

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