Tuff Shed sign tougher than driver (KPD)

As you travel up and down Clearwater Ave. in Kennewick, you've seen the sign.

Tuff Sheds.  This incident early Tuesday morning, while certainly not amusing, perhaps will serve to get them some added attention.

Kennewick Officers joined a pursuit that began with Benton County Deputies chasing after a car that fled from Pasco Police officers earlier in the evening.

Apparently, the driver eluded them, or the chase was terminated due to safety concerns. Then Benton County Deputies picked up the chase after spotting the car on I-82, and speeds reached 120MPH!

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Then,  KPD was able to locate and get a visual of this car heading eastbound on Clearwater. Officer Contreras was far enough ahead that he laid down some spike strips which disabled the vehicle's tires, but it kept going although at a lower speed.

Finally, the driver lost control and slammed head-on into the Tuff Shed sign, just east of the Maverik Gas station. The impact nearly split the front of the vehicle in half. It doesn't appear from the pictures that there was any airbag deployment, but the sign didn't budge an inch!

Car vs. Tuff Shed sign (KPD)

The driver, identified as 33-year old Elias Ramirez, jumped out and tried to flee on foot, but was quickly run down and apprehended. He's now facing multiple counts, including Felony Eluding, DUI, and he also had several outstanding arrest warrants.

Fortunately, no one was hurt in these incidents, and even the Tuff Shed sign survived. He didn't hit any of their sheds, either.

Tuff Shed Sign -1-, driver, -0-.


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