There's a lot we don't know about this case, despite some new information being released.

It's interesting to note that the female suspect cooperated with Police and did not resist arrest. She did not flee the scene either.

Around 3 AM  Pasco officers were called to the Riviera Trailer Village, at 700 Road 32, for a report of an incident, including a man being stabbed. The park is just on the other side of Highway 395 from the Pasco Autoplex.

It's also interesting to note this incident occurred in a senior living (ages 55 and up) trailer park.

44-year-old Marta Marie Miller of Kennewick was apprehended by police not far from the scene where the male victim died. When Police arrived, they found the man (whose name and age have not been released yet) suffering from a stab wound to his chest.

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After being initially alert and responsive, his condition apparently deteriorated, and despite efforts from EMS and Police, he died at the scene.

Miller was taken into custody without incident, and is facing an investigative hold for 2nd Degree Murder charges.

The investigation continues.

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