A 36-year-old Kennewick man is behind bars after his wife escaped from him and told police about her horrifying story.

Around 9:30pm Monday evening, 34-year-old Holly Fox of Kennewick and her mother contacted police at the station on West 6th Avenue, to report her husband had been reportedly holding her against her will since Saturday.

Fox reported she was physically assaulted several times, choked, punched and her husband Trevor Fox, pointed a handgun at her.  He also allegedly fired a round through the sofa in their living room. Monday night, while they were in his car, she managed to escape and flee. Trevor Fox reportedly caught up with her on Columbia Drive and threatened to shoot her.

She then got away again, called her mother and they went to the police.  Officers staked out their home at 515 North Lyle St, and observed Trevor loading various items in his car and leaving. Officers conducted what was called a "high risk stop" on his car, and he was arrested without incident.

The investigation continues, Trevor Fox is facing at least 2nd Degree Assault charges, with other possible charges pending. The additional charges, say police, are pending the outcome of results from search warrants.