Benton County Sheriff's Deputies did not say if the student was armed, or give a lot of details, only that a Kiona-Benton High School student is in custody after a Thursday night online shooting threat.

Authorities say the threat was found after a teacher and a student both reported the threat, they saw it Thursday night. It was reported Friday morning.

Benton County Deputies responded and promptly located and removed the suspect from the school. The district released this statement:

"Today, September 21st a teacher and a student came to me as school started with a threat to the school through social media. I immediately contacted the Benton County Sheriff’s department and our superintendent’s office to inform them of the threat. The Benton County Sheriff’s department immediately came to the high school to investigate. The sheriff’s department have completed a thorough investigation and have decided to take the student into custody.

The Kiona Benton City School District, High School, and the Benton County Sheriff department take ALL threats to our schools very seriously.

Thank you very much for putting your trust into our school district and supporting us.”

No other details were released, except there was no direct threat, physical or otherwise, made at student at the school.

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