The wife and I wondered exactly what happened, when our 10-year-old daughter told us about this. We were not at this practice Wednesday.

Harley, who's playing baseball for Kennewick National, practices at Highlands Middle School just off of 4th and Union in Kennewick. Wednesday evening between 5-6pm, she and her team noticed a guy walking East on 7th, right next to the school fields. Then all of a sudden, she said a police car rolled up, lights flashing, and while it was still moving a little, the officer opened the door and window and called out to the man. He refused to stop walking.

He started walking a little faster, then all of a sudden, multiple KPD units pulled up. The guy tried to run, then duck through a wooden fence that borders the property by climbing between the criss-cross slats. But, Harley said he failed because he "didn't fit-he was too big." She said she heard the police yell "keep your hands where we can see them" and they had either a Taser or gun pointed at him.

Then she said he was "tackled by a lot of policemen" and put in handcuffs and led away.

Turns out Simon McCamry, the man in question, had been seen prowling and trying to break into a nearby home. A witness called 911, and the rest is history. He is facing multiple charges related to the incident.

It provided an interesting break in practice, as her team was less than 150 feet away and watched the whole thing, as did two other teams who practice there.

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