Thursday, Kennewick Police and workers from a couple of businesses were able to help a driver whose vehicle had been buried in snow and slush for much of the week.

Responding to a report of an abandoned vehicle in the Downtown Kennewick Parkade, Officer Reynolds ran the plates, contacted the owner, and found out the woman had a flat tire. She was forced to leave it on the stop. She was not able to afford a new one, so Reynolds used the KPD Community Fund to get a replacement.

Jiminez Tire, say police, made them a "great deal" on a replacement, and workers from Washington True Value Hardware dug out the van so Jiminez could mount the replacement. Now the woman has a new working tire and is able to resume using her van.

Kennewick Police saluted the people who helped them assist this woman. If you'd like to donate to the Community Fund, click on the button below. It is utilized to provide 'emergency' services for a wide range of citizen needs; whether someone needs a hotel room for the night, a quick emergency vehicle repair, or even just a meal.


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