It's a very simple, easy to understand process.

When a police officer gives you a command, you obey the officer. If you don't, things will more than likely not turn out well, at all, for the individual who disobeys or ignores an officer's order.

And then, there's the dog.

In a nutshell, contractors showed up to a house in the 1900 block of S. Buntin for a day's work of remodeling only to discover an unknown male with a backpack already inside the residence. He refused to leave when confronted by the workers. So, as the police note, the crew did the right thing, they left the residence and called the police.

KPD Facebook 11-6-20

Once officers arrived on scene, they observed the suspect inside the residence and he recognized them too as he bolted downstairs toward the basement. Ignoring all commands to give up, and not knowing whether the suspect was armed or not, K9 Ivan was summoned.

The officers used a patrol car's PA system to announce to the suspect K9 Ivan was on scene and that he was hungry (ok, I made up that hungry part) and it was definitely in his best interest to come out. The suspect still refused. K9 Ivan made some announcements of his own and then went to work. He checked upstairs, and it was clean. Then, at the top of the stairs to the basement, more officer commands were given to the suspect to give it up else K9 Ivan will do his thing. The suspect was still refusing all commands. So, K9 Ivan "found him hiding in the basement and held him."

KPD Facebook 11-6-20

Kennewick Firefighters, also on scene, responded to treat 23-year-old Adrian Campos and transported him to the hospital. In the investigation it was determined methamphetamine was a contributing factor. Campos was booked in the Benton County Jail on charges of trespassing in the 1st degree and resisting arrest.

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THE UNKNOWN: Anytime officers are dealing with someone who doesn’t cooperate with simple commands it increases safety concerns for the officer. Especially when that individual has unlawfully entered someone else’s residence and their intention is unknown. This was the case recently when Officers responded to the 1900 block of S. Buntin Street for a burglary in progress. Contractors remodeling a home located an unknown male inside with a backpack. The male refused to leave so the contractors took the safest and most correct action. They left and called 9-1–1. Arriving officers observed the male in the house. The male knew police were on scene and he attempted to hide. At one point, the male was seen running to the basement. Officers attempted to establish contact with the male and gain compliance, instructing the male to exit the residence as he was under arrest. He refused. K9 Ivan and Ofc. Whitney were summoned to the scene as officers believed a burglary was in progress, the male refused to cooperate, and it was unknown if he was armed. Officers had taken several other construction site burglaries recently and it was unknown why this male would not exit and what his intentions were. Officers used their vehicle public address speaker to tell the male he needed to come out. The male refused. Officers moved to the door of the home where they yelled inside letting the male know K9 Ivan was on scene, and would search the home, which would result in him being bit. K9 Ivan made some of his own announcements. The male reused to exit. K9 Ivan helped officers safely check the upstairs and no one was located. Officers gave more announcements at the top of the stairs to the basement asking the male to simply give up. The male refused.K9 Ivan located the male hiding in the basement and held him until Officers took him into custody. The male was identified as 23-year-old Adrian Campos. Kennewick Firefighters responded to treat Campos and transported him to the hospital. In the investigation it was determined methamphetamine was a contributing factor. Campos was booked in the Benton County Jail for Trespass 1st and resisting arrest. Without the safety tools like K9 Ivan the unknown becomes even more of a problem. The K9 Unit is one avenue that allows us to safely apprehend suspects who refuse to comply, reducing a significant safety risk to officers and the public. A big thanks to Benton County, WA Sheriff's Office - Sheriff Jerry Hatcher who also assisted as it takes many officers to contain and safely search a residence.


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