It could be just the luck of the draw, or arena capacity.

The Seattle Kraken, who will enter the NHL world this fall, are going to play their three 'home' pre-season games on the road in the WHL arenas in Everett, Kent (Seattle Thunderbirds) and Spokane.

The NHL is allowing teams to play 6, 7 or 8 preseason games. The Kraken's Climate Change Arena will not be ready in time for September, so on the road they go. The arena is expected to be ready for the regular-season NHL home opener.

Sept. 26 they will play in Spokane, vs. Vancouver, then Oct. 1st in Everett vs. Edmonton, then in Kent Oct. 2 vs. Calgary.

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The Kraken are making tickets for Spokane available for Tri-City American's season ticket holders according to an American's press release. Emails are expected to be sent soon about the availability.

If the Kraken is only planning six games, then Tri-City being 'left out' is somewhat understandable, especially with Spokane having a large arena. But still it would be very cool if a 7th game were added. However, they'd have to find an opponent, and have it approved by the NHL.

For more information on the Kraken and schedule details, click on the button below.

(BTW, their season ticket demand already has a long waiting list)


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