In the aftermath of what even many KSD workers are calling a "shocking" announcement that middle and HS students return will be delayed until Februrary, the District released  a statement, part of which is contained below.

"...At last night’s Board of Directors meeting, the KSD Board decided to delay the start of hybrid learning for middle and high school students until the beginning of second semester: Tuesday, February 2, 2021. This decision came amidst concerns of reports of large community gatherings involving high school students, and concern that schools will be challenged to ensure the safety of all students and staff. The Board has directed the district to retain a third-party safety analyst to assess school district sanitizing protocols and to develop further plans to limit “cohort mingling” of students in middle and high schools when they return to school for in-person learning."

Dr. Pierce went on to say she has the utmost respect for the Board of Directors (School Board) and their decision. The statement went on to explain how online will continue for middle and HS students, and how K-5 and others will continue with their programs.

However, the statement "concerns of reports of large community gatherings involving high school students,"  circles back to some curious comments made during the KSD Board meeting Wednesday night.  It appears one of the board members, Diane Sundvik, made a reference to an attempt by parents to book a large social event for teens, utilizing a Benton City area winery.

Apparently the venue could not accommodate such a group, it appears it didn't happen. But comments during the zoom indicate perhaps some school board members were using allegations of student-teen activities outside of school as part of their  basis for delaying the opening.

Growing numbers of parents are questioning why the School Board is paying attention to what students-teens are doing on their own time, away from class and the educational process?

The District has also released earlier this week, information about a webinar scheduled for October 27, entitled "KSD’s Strategic Plan: Envisioning The Future."

The email contained this information:

"Join Dr. Traci Pierce, Kennewick School District superintendent, for a webinar on Oct. 27 to discuss the district's strategic plan. The virtual event, KSD's Strategic Plan: Envisioning the Future, will run from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m."

Given this latest development, this webinar is sure to be highly attended by KSD parents and concerned citizens.

For a link to the meeting, which was provided by KSD, click on the button below. This is the webpage about the meeting and has the Zoom link.

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