The Kennewick School DIstrict has closed it application process for persons wishing to be a part of the Comprehensive Sexual Health Education Advisory Team.

This program, abbreviated to CSHE, is part of that K-12 sexual education program that passed last fall, Senate Bill 5395.

According to the KSD website:

"The CSHE Advisory Team will include parents and/or community members representing the elementary, middle and high school levels. In addition to the parent advisory team, there is a committee of health educators who will be responsible for teaching to the Health Education K-12 Learning Standards. Together, we will work to adopt instructional materials that are age appropriate, medically and scientifically accurate and inclusive of all students for health education following the state mandated timeline."

According to Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction's website:

"Beginning in December 2020, all public schools must begin providing or planning to provide comprehensive sexual health education (CSHE) to all students by the 2022-23 school year. Instruction must be consistent with Health Education K-12 Learning Standards, which provide a framework for comprehensive instruction and the provisions of Senate Bill 5395. Instruction must also be age-appropriate, medically and scientifically accurate and inclusive of all students. CSHE is defined in the bill as: Recurring instruction in human development and reproduction that is medically accurate, age-appropriate and inclusive of all students."

However neither page offers specific concrete details about what types of education will be presented; it's presumed much of that will be up to the Advisory Committee.


A number of parents online have commented this is the first they've heard of this Advisory Team. It's likely that unless you subscribe to the KSD email list, or that from your child's school, you didn't hear about it.

In Kennewick CSHE will begin next year for students grades 6-8, by 2022-23 it will expand to grade school age students, K-3.   For more information click on the button below.


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