The Oregon State Patrol has joined the search for an Oregon truck driver, who's semi was last seen and located Tuesday night in Pilot Rock.

Little Trees Trucking Company is based out of LaGrande, OR. The driver, 22-year-old Jacob Cartwright, was last seen and heard from in Pilot Rock around 8:15pm. He is driving a truck almost exactly similar to the one pictured in our story.

Authorities say his GPS 'pinged' a tower on Highway 395 Southbound around 9:45pm that day, near Starkey, OR.  Cartwright is 6' 6" and 275 lbs. and the pictures are fairly recent.

Little Tree officials are more worried about him, they say trucks can be replaced, people can't. Anyone who has seen the truck or has ANY information is urged to call Oregon State Police at (541)-664-4600.  His original destination was Portland, OR. He is now officially listed as a missing person.

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