Flyer's Rights, the largest travel-passenger advocate group in the U.S., says there needs to be quarantines and blood tests for passengers coming to the U.S. from known (and potentially) affected West African nations over the Ebola crisis.

The group this week laid out in detail the screening process being put in place in the U.S. by the TSA,  the Department of Homeland Security, and it's sub-groups.   They also detail the efforts being done to screen incoming travelers in England, Israel and other nations.   African nations have already been screening passengers for months, but mainland European countries refuse, saying such measures won't make any difference.

Flyer's Rights officials fear unless there are more stringent measures taken, we could be bringing Ebola to the U.S. "by the planeload" as they put it.

The group asks if the TSA can "handle being doctors for $12 an hour?"   Tuesday, Flyer's Rights founder and President Paul Hudson issued this statement:

"It is time to stop West Africans and others from the infected countries from entering the U.S. without quarantines and blood testing for Ebola.

Airlines who knowingly transport passengers from the infected areas may face massive lawsuits, and their insurance carriers, especially AIG the main carrier, also need to step forward before it too late.
The FAA and TSA cannot escape responsibility as they have primary jurisdiction over air safety and security. Ebola is being transported to the U.S. solely by air transport. "  (Bold lettering added for emphasis).

The group emphasizes that until we know more about how far it may have spread in the U.S.,  more details about how it's communicated (there's still confusion) and whether it's being (or has been contained) in this country,  definite measures are needed to prevent further cases from arriving in the U.S.


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