8th State House Rep Brad Klippert has sent out information to citizens in our area Wednesday, urging them to pressure legislators in Olympia.

One Bill Still Alive that Would Limit Governor's Emergency Powers--Somewhat

Governor Inslee, say increasing numbers of critics, legislators and officials, is becoming more like a dictator every passing week. His refusal to name an 'official' end date for the more than two-year-old COVID state of emergency has many officials seriously worried. Even Oregon has said their state of emergency will end on April 1st.

Inslee responded to legislation that would limit his, and any other Governor's emergency powers by insulting legislations, especially Republicans. When asked about the legislation, Inslee responded by saying Republicans don't care about "working people" and they refused to stand up to "Trump's coup attempt," referring to last January 6th's alleged 'riots' at the Capitol.

A house bill from GOP Leaders was left to die in Committee by Democrats

 House Bill 1772 would have limited a Governor's emergency powers, or state of emergency (SOE) declarations to 60 days, and limit a Governor's prohibiting of certain activities during an SOE to only 30 days, plus a number of other checks.

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Rep. Klippert said Wednesday that bill was left in Committee by the majority party, Democrats, so it died--didn't make it to a vote. Senate Bill (SB) 5909 is still alive, and although it doesn't go far enough, Klippert and GOP leaders say it's a start:

"At this point in the legislative session, SB 5909 is the ONLY bill left to put restrictions on the Governor. Also, SB 5909 does NOT go far enough however it is the only bill that can limit his emergency powers.  It passed the Senate and is now in House Rules Committee waiting to be given a House floor vote. Call and email Speaker Jinkins, asking her to move this bill.  It’s been over 730 plus days since the governor declared a state of emergency in response to the COVID pandemic. It is past time that we meaningfully restore the balance of power between the legislative and executive branches."

SB 5909 only allows the legislature to terminate an SOE after 90 days, and only if the legislature is not in session, but it would at least provide a pathway to end what GOP leaders say is Inslee's runaway power.

To email Senator Jinkins to urge passage of this bill, click here.


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