According to a cryptic report put out by Washington State House Rep Jim Walsh, (R-Aberdeen), for the January 2021 legislative session, the House will be doing away with the important House Innovation, Technology & Economic Development Committee.

"The House Innovation, Technology & Economic Development Committee considers issues relating to technology and digital communications, including state information technology systems; small business assistance; business financing; the development of industry clusters; tourism; international trade; emerging technologies; and technology-driven jobs.​"

The 9 legislator committee has three Republicans, including 8th District Rep Matt Boehnke, who is the Assistant Ranking Minority Member. behind Norma Smith who is the Ranking Minority Member.

According to Walsh in one of his Facebook updates, "reports" from Olympia indicate the House is doing away with this group come January. Walsh said "like budgets, legislative committees are about priorities...and apparently  Innovation, Technology and Economic Development are no longer priorities in Olympia...."  (bold lettering added for emphasis).

No other information was given, including as to what might 'replace' this important group.  We reached out to Rep. Boehnke to see if he'd been notified or heard of these reports, we are awaiting his reply.

Rep. Walsh is a very reliable source of credible information; when he reports or discusses legislative policies, news and other topics concerning government, it's usually spot on. He represents the 19th District on the Peninsula, including Longview and Aberdeen. He's one of the most outspoken and active GOP legislators in the state.

We will continue to monitor this significant development.

A check of the legislative calendar for the Committee does show a meeting scheduled for December 1st, concerning post pandemic economic development, and the 2021 legislative agenda...that's rather cryptic.

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