Perhaps because it's being done remotely for the first time in state history, citizens can utilize digital technology to have a voice in 2021 legislative session.

8th District House Rep Brad Klippert, who along with Matt Boehnke represent Kennewick, Richland and Benton County, has sent out information on ways citizens can see what bills are being looked at, who is trying to pass them, and ways to voice opinions.

Klippert has been pushing hard the last few weeks prior to the session for citizens to take part and voice their opinions on a number of bills that will be considered--some of them hot button issues. They include a capital gains tax, low carbon fuel standard, and recovery efforts for the economy.

Klippert has catalogued them in four areas:  1) understanding the process, 2) watching and participating, 3) tracking legislation (bills) and 4) contacting your legislators.

That last one is especially important, as 'large volumes' of input tend to get legislators attention.

To see the complete list, click on the button below for all the links.

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