Another local business has, for the time being, closed their doors, but not permanently due to a battle with the state over staying open.

Kimo's on Columbia Park Trail-Columbia Center Boulevard, made several announcements late Tuesday and into Wednesday that they have closed after being 'visited' by Liquor Control Board agents. There was mention of a court order.

According to sources, the agents told the owners/workers in a not so subtle manner about possibly closing their business down for six months. The agents also reportedly told them to close within 24 hours or they were taking their license (presumably liquor license).

A source says Kimo's will be meeting with their attorneys and in a statement posted on social media, said they would be reopening soon.

Meanwhile, Wednesday at 3PM citizens are invited to gather at Koko's Bartini at 27th and Union in Kennewick in a show of support. Sources have told us state agents have already visited there this week, and a similar 'visit' is expected at Barley's Brewpub on Kennewick Ave. It is possible the same threats and actions will be levied against these establishments as well.

These and a handful of other businesses are staying open despite the lockdowns on indoor dining; saying the livelihood of their operations and workers depends upon staying in business.

As we have reported previously, curbside, takeout and even car hop do not generate enough income for most of these sit-down establishments to even tread water. We were told that directly by the ownership family of Sterling's Restaurants.

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