Update 5:30 p.m. (Eastern): Three people in total were taken to the hospital, including one in critical condition.

Update 2:55: One shooting victim's name is Jody Neal, according to his uncle and sister, who were interviewed at the scene.

Update 2:50: "The police believe the danger has been mitigated," according to a spokesman for the college. "The school is under control but still being evacuated."

A small college in Houston is on lockdown following what appears to have been a shooting on campus on Tuesday. One suspect has been detained, and a second is possibly on the loose, according to local authorities.

It is believed that two or three people at Lone Star College's North Campus may have been wounded, but at the moment details are very unclear and information continues to come in. Two students appear to have gotten into an argument in the library, then the shooting erupted.

Nearby campuses, including an elementary school and a high school, have also been placed on lockdown, but officials do not believe there is any direct danger there.

Live video coverage can be found here.

More information to come as the story continues to develop.

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