City of Pasco buys Thunderbird Motel, will be turned into parking lot (Google street view)
City of Pasco buys Thunderbird Motel, will be turned into parking lot (Google street view)


Perhaps the most crime-ridden business in Pasco, or even the Tri-Cities, it will soon be a pile of rubble.

  Pasco's notorious Thunderbird Motel will soon be demolished.

As far back as 8 years, Pasco Police were visiting the Thunderbird Motel at 414 West Columbia Street every day.

Various reports and crime records show hundreds of visits each year to the facility, which had become associated with drugs, crime, and other illicit activity.

   Pasco's Downtown development will speed up with new land

Pasco just held the grand re-opening of the downtown area known as Peanuts Park, and it's part of the renovated Farmer's Market area.  For some time, Pasco officials had been seeking ways to expand parking and other amenities with the new upgrades. Now, it can happen.

According to reports, the owner has agreed to sell the building for $1.2 million, it will be razed and turned into a parking lot. Some officials viewed the structure as being beyond renovation and was better off being removed.

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In its heyday it was a stop-off for vacationers and others, according to a search online, Dunn and Bradstreet online show the hotel was in operation at least since 1981.

  Yelp reviews of the business were 'interesting'

The business had its share of recent interesting Yelp and Google reviews, including this one from a man who was here from Eugene, OR on work.

"Full of drugs and hookers.  The hotel is was full when I went there but no cars in the lot hardly.  Alot of foot traffic day and night I was informed by my friend who stayed there for a night."

The city of Pasco has not specifically said when the demolition will begin, but it's expected at least by this summer.


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