What began as an investigation in mid-February has blown wide open into a large case of mail theft and fraud.

Franklin County Sheriff's say they received a call a couple of weeks go about a suspicious bag of letters and mail that was found in North Franklin County. While not specifying where it was located or where the tip came from, authorities say they were able to get information about suspects.

The couple pictured, 28-year-old Danielle Cathcart, and 36-year-old Don Ramsey, were arrested Wednesday, and are expected to make a court appearance today. Acting upon leads found from the mail bag (evidence) officers were able to locate the two, at a residence in the Northern part of the county.

At the home, Sheriff's found more stolen  mail and even a mailbox. The two are facing multiple mail theft charges.

If you were expecting some mail, or have reason to believe you didn't receive something, contact the Franklin County Sheriff. They are in the process of sorting the mail and attempting to return it to the rightful owners, according to Yaktrinews.com.

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