So the dollar amount wasn't gigantic, but it's the PRINCIPLE!

Pasco Police have released some images of a theft suspect they are hoping to ID or locate; in connection with a theft from the Subway Store at Court and Road 22.

Officers say last Friday, April 9th, this suspect entered the location around 9:20PM. She ordered a six-inch sub, but apparently felt it was necessary to help herself to the tip jar.

The worker told Police as he was making the sandwich, he noticed seeing her hand go up and down inside the jar, grabbing money. He set her sandwich on the counter (it was apparently finished) and went to get his manager.


However, when he returned just a few seconds later, the woman, the sandwich, and most of the money in the tip jar was gone.

Pasco Police say there was about $30 taken. The jar had just over $31 at the time. She is described as a white blond female, Mariners cap, grey zipped hoodie, white shoes.

Pasco PD noted in their public report:

"...and (since it’s 2021) her COVID mask is white with possibly silver sequins."

Anyone who may have information about her or this case, you're urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential.

It's bad enough to dine and dash with the food, but most people consider stealing from a tip jar to be particularly unsavory. It's an insult to the workers who often depend upon tips to help them make ends meet.

Here's hoping someone recognizes her and she gets her 'just rewards.'


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